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Saving money and product with Ice Pigging

In 2022 we worked with a major cosmetic manufacturer based in Jonesboro, Arkansas USA, to help them not only clean their industrial pipes quickly, but also to ensure as much product was recovered from the pipes as possible.

Saving money and product with Ice Pigging


Posted on: 1st Jun 2023

Industrial pipe cleaning for a major cosmetics manufacturer

After technical discussion to find out exactly what this personal care company wanted to achieve, we identified three main areas which required solutions:

  1. Product recovery was the main focus.

  2. Pipes needed to be cleaned as efficiently as possible to reduce duration of CIP.

  3. Time, energy and water savings needed to be made.

Our team of experts identified that by integrating the NIV500 Ice Pigging system into the factory’s production process we could solve all three problems with one NIV500 machine.

With a 500kg (1100lb) capacity ice storage tank and the ability to produce 1100kg (2400 lb) of ice per 24 hours, the NIV500 system can be used across multiple production lines offering a quick and simple method of manufacturing and delivering ice.

How does Ice Pigging save product in the cosmetics industry?

Ice Pigging is very successful at saving as much product from pipes as possible. Therefore helping to minimise waste and save money.

Once the ice slurry is pushed into the pipe it quickly forms a “plug” with the product remaining in the pipe. Using a push of water the ice plug forces the product through the pipes where, once detected by a sensor, the ice slurry is then diverted to drain, the remaining product continues through to be collected in the product storage tanks.

The Jonesboro based company has found that using Ice Pigging has saved them on average 168lbs of product per pigging operation in just the first week of use. This, in turn, has immediately saved them money, while the speed and efficiency of the machinery used has also saved the company time.

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