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Equipment sales and supply: For industrial applications that require more frequent use of Ice Pigging.

The Nivalis standard "in factory" equipment can run automatically supplying Ice Pigging to multiple lines (not at the same time), recovering products, and often, reducing clean in place (CIP) frequency and/or duration. Designed to the European EHEDG (hygienic design) standard, Nivalis NIV500 is used in Personal Care, Food and Pharmaceutical applications.

Nivalis ice pigging container lifted onto a boat by a crane
Recovering Products

Recovering Products

Ice Pigging equipment is often used to reduce product waste by recovering good products and sending it through to storage tanks to then be packaged and sold.

Conventional flushing techniques mix and dilute products

Regular pipe flushing solutions cannot offer a super clean, fully hygienic pass, meaning that existing product in pipes is no longer fit for packaging and must be wasted.

Ice Pigging forms a plug flow and does not dilute

Ice Pigging allows very easy determination of good product that can go to product storage tanks or vessels. The very low volume slurry ice with minimal product is then sent directly to waste or drain. The ice is sensed in the pipe usually by a temperature sensor.

Comparison of pipe cleaning methods
NIV500 Ice Pigging

NIV500 Ice Pigging

NIV500 is primarily used in faster moving manufacturing industries with multiple product changeovers and multiple production lines. The Ice Pigging equipment recognises the customers products and has an inbuilt recipe for each different product.

The NIV500 has proven to provide reliable and repeatable results.

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