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Nivalis is the centre of excellence for Ice Pigging

Ice Pigging has been developed by the highly skilled Nivalis engineering team over many years.

The Nivalis engineering team and the supporting back office team have many years of experience working with customers in a range of industrial and municipal applications across the globe. We try to explain our technology in plain and simple language to ensure that the principles of Ice Pigging are clearly understood. We want to understand our customers' processes and offer practical advice on how Ice Pigging could benefit them. When we don't think Ice Pigging is the right solution, we will will tell you.

Nivalis is the centre of excellence for Ice Pigging
The invention and development of Nivalis Ice Pigging

The invention and development of Nivalis Ice Pigging

Although Ice Pigging is used in many industries and the equipment has been tried and tested over many years, we still want to see what else we can achieve.

In 2019 we were asked to Ice Pig fuel systems to remove bio contamination. “Can this be done?” asked the customer. “We're not sure” was our response. Fast forward to now, and we are seen as the best available technique for cleaning our customer’s ships fuel systems.

I have been working with the Nivalis team members since 2006 on the development and deployment of the Ice Pigging technology in vastly different industries and applications. Their in-depth knowledge underpinning the technology based on their PhD research work and their awareness of what the technology achieves based on real-world experience, makes them unique.

Professor Joe Quarini, University of Bristol, Inventor of Ice Pigging
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  • 2021: Management buyout

    Nivalis is formed following a management buy-out. Nivalis focus on supporting existing customers and further development of Ice Pigging. Nivalis support customers in UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Estonia, and Israel.

  • 2016: Launch of standard "in factory" machine

    The standard 500kg Ice Pigging "in factory" machine is launched. Designed to EHEDG hygienic design standards.

  • 2016: New industrial sectors

    As well as personal care and food sectors (hygienic), other industrial sectors begin to use Ice Pigging. It is established as a safe and repeatable process.

  • 2014: Patent acquired

    The Patent that was held by Bristol University is acquired by French multinational Suez.

  • 2012: Water and municipalities Ice Pigging service

    Ice Pigging is adopted by many UK water companies to clean drinking water mains (as it is used today). Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approvals granted.

  • 2001: Ice Pigging was invented

    Professor Joe Quarini of Bristol University has his eureka moment and establishes the suitability of using slurry ice to clean pipe systems. Bristol University patent the process.

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