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Ice Pigging - quick and effective

Nivalis offer Ice Pigging as a one off or regular service across all industries and a range of geographies.

Our service provision is often carried out by containerised Ice Pigging equipment that is transported directly to our customer's site, which reduces system set up time. Pre-planning technical discussions enable easy connection to the customer's process.

Nivalis Ice Pigging engineer at work
Nivalis Ice Pigging services

Nivalis Ice Pigging services

Whether it is a one off trial to demonstrate the capability of Ice Pigging in a plant prior to a full equipment installation or a routine onsite remediation of systems, Nivalis have both the expertise and equipment to deliver.

Over the course of 15 years, Nivalis have built a wide capability that can deliver Ice Pigging in a vast array of applications and operating environments - from the ultra-pure water system in a pharmaceutical plant to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. The only common feature is that we are working to improve the quality of a pipe system!

Ice Pigging service plan

Ice Pigging service plan

The first part of any service work is for the Nivalis technical team to get a detailed understanding of how the system operates, and the cleaning requirements before working with the customer to develop a detailed cleaning protocol. Nivalis can then decide on the best equipment for the task depending on whether the requirement for ice is 10 or 10,000 litres of ice, the FPD is Salt or Nitric acid, and whether the pipes are ultra clean or part of a waste treatment process.

Once the plan is in place, Nivalis will:

Once the plan is in place, Nivalis will:

  • Deliver ice production and delivery equipment to site for the duration of work.
  • Work with the customer and other contractors on any enabling works.
  • Supply ice delivery and waste removal hoses, along with interface adapters as required.
  • Work with the customer on pre and post condition assessments as part of cleaning validation.
  • Carry out pre Ice Pigging flow and integrity testing.
  • Run Ice Pigging production and delivery operations.
  • Work with the customer and contractors to carry out post Ice Pigging flushing and system reinstatement.
  • Produce detailed post operation technical analysis and reporting.


The Nivalis team are used to working to exacting standards. Validation that the system has been cleaned to the required standard and can be reverted back into "service" is an integral part of our service provision. We use specialist monitoring equipment to check that all contaminants have been removed.

How far does our ice go?

Based on filling 1/3 of the pipe’s volume, 5000 litres of ice can clean up to 2km of pipes:

Ice Pigging Distance Chart

"Ice Pigging is a fantastic technology and the Nivalis team did a great job with the team at EI Associates to deliver our Ice Pigging project on time. The Nivalis team worked with us every step of the way and made the project run smoothly. The Nivalis team were professional and very detailed in supporting us, from agreeing the original equipment specification to shipping, delivery, installation and start-up"

Guy P Cipriano President, EI Associates, NJ, USA
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