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Ice Pigging: Maritime & ship systems pipework cleaning

We have been using our innovative Ice Pigging technology in the Maritime sector since 2018.

Being a transferrable technology our systems have been used on a range of different systems such as fresh water, sea water, fuel and air.

Ice Pigging: Maritime & ship systems pipework cleaning

Advantages of using Ice Pigging in the Maritime sector:

  • Between 10 and 100 times more effective than conventional flushing techniques.
  • Ice Pigging gives a much quicker clean because of the force generated by the ice, therefore minimising downtime for machinery and less time in the dock for vessels.
  • Ice Pigging can tackle the intricacies of complicated systems, removing unwanted sediments and debris to ensure platforms operate seamlessly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
  • A much reduced risk - with low pressure, no hazardous chemicals (for most applications) and a shorter exposure to risk time, the worst case scenario is ice melts.
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Delivering effective and efficient pipe cleaning in the Maritime and shipping sector comes with a lot of challenges.

The fact that delivery of our Ice Pigging service may be required both at the surface and sub-sea offers a unique set of challenges when it comes to cleaning pipework.

Our Maritime sector projects often require equipment to be delivered and fitted in incredibly confined spaces, with limited access, while also requiring highly resilient systems.

This, mixed in with a complex operational environment ensures one of the most demanding applications that the Nivalis engineering team have to deal with. But one which we relish and enjoy.

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We have been involved in all sorts of different projects within the Maritime sector and most of these start with a conversation about what is required and how we can make it happen.

Have a read of some of our case studies in this industry below and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Society of Maritime industries

We are proud to be listed on the SMI - the trade association for the UK’s maritime engineering, science and technology community.

Read our Ice Pigging Maritime Systems Case Study.

Read our customer case study. Arrow
Cleaning pipes in the Maritime sector - before and after Ice Pigging

Cleaning pipes in the Maritime sector - before and after Ice Pigging

In the before images you can see the pipes were clogged and encrusted with debris, hindering water flow. In the after images you can see how Ice Pigging has effectively cleared the pipes, leaving them clean and allowing for smooth internal transportation of materials.

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