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Ice Pigging Benefits: The smarter way to keep pipes clean

Ice Pigging is a pipeline cleaning process utilising a two-phase ice and liquid slurry which forms a semi-solid plug within the pipe known as the Ice Pig. The slurry is pumped through the pipe like a liquid, but moves through pipework like a solid plug, detaching contaminants and fouling from the pipe wall and carrying them out of the pipe within the Ice Pig.

Because of the unique way in which it works, Ice Pigging offers a range of benefits over conventional pipe cleaning techniques.

Ice Pigging Benefits: The smarter way to keep pipes clean

Save time

Unlike other methods, Ice Pigging cleans in a single pass. We can clean several kilometres of pipe in a few hours, and smaller pipes in minutes, so your systems are back up and running in record time.

The set up and removal time for Ice Pigging is also much lower than with other cleaning methods, so we’ll be out of your way quicker.

Save water

Because it’s more effective than conventional techniques such as flushing, Ice Pigging only uses around 1.5 times the volume of the pipe in water. For comparison, when compared to conventional flushing, Ice Pigging uses between 10 and a 100 times less water. Often, Ice Pigging is also more energy efficient, and reduces and sometimes removes the need to use chemicals.

Minimise disruption

With the right amount of pre-planning, Ice Pigging operations can often be a relatively simple process to set up. The set up time is specific to the application or process; the ice delivery itself is very short and often only takes a few minutes from start to finish!

Reduce risk

Ice Pigging adjusts to changing diameters, bends, and obstructions as it moves through your pipe network, so there’s no risk of pipe damage. In the rare event of operator fault, such as incorrect valve line-ups and the ice getting stuck, in time the ice just melts.

Save money

Because it’s quicker, less disruptive, and more effective than other techniques, Ice Pigging is incredibly cost effective. It also enables the user to reclaim a larger volume of high-value material from their pipe network.

Ice pigging flush comparison

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