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Ice Pigging in precision and high value engineering

Ice Pigging in precision and high value engineering

Advantages of Ice Pigging in high value engineering:

  • Between 10 and 100 times more effective than conventional flushing techniques.
  • Ice Pigging enables a much quicker clean because of the force generated by the ice.
  • Validation is quick and relatively easy. Following Ice Pigging you are able to assess its success via physical inspection, by endoscope, or by assessment of a sample taken during the cleaning phase.
  • Contamination or debris is carried by the ice into waste containment, often in a single pass.
  • A much reduced risk - with low pressure, no hazardous chemicals (for most applications) and a shorter exposure to risk time, the worst case scenario is ice melts.
Ice Pigging is used in many different industrial sectors

Ice Pigging is used in many different industrial sectors

Here at Nivalis we support pipe cleaning in a diverse range of sectors, including areas of "High Value" or precision engineering. This could be in an automotive supply chain, the energy sector or the defence sector.

The common theme is that the companies we help have pipe systems that require either extremely clean systems, where conventional flushing techniques cannot achieve the required level of cleanliness, or where the manufacturing process or operations have a high cost associated with "downtime".

Ice Pigging is a relatively quick process resulting in great cost and time savings.

We have examples of reducing pipe cleaning times down from hours to minutes, days to hours, and weeks to days. These time savings have also been made in complex conditions in terms of in-pipe equipment, e.g. in line probes and/or monitoring equipment as well as valves and pumps etc.

We are very proud to say that Nivalis Ice Pigging has been established as the best available pipe cleaning technique in several of these sectors - have a look at our case studies and news section for real-life accounts of our work.

Ice Pigging proved to be a "game changer" in removing material from pipe systems, but most importantly, Ice Pigging technology was able to reduce the long flushing times associated with water to a matter of minutes. These time savings were achieved whilst also exceeding the extremely high-quality standards that Johnson Matthey’s production require.

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