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Nivalis Ice Pigging: Transforming the way pipes are cleaned

Nivalis Ice Pigging: Transforming the way pipes are cleaned

We harness the cleaning power of ice to save time, save water, minimise disruption, and get your pipes cleaner than ever before.

When Ice Pigging is used in manufacturing, we recover products, reduce water, chemical and waste, and save you money.

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What We Do...

Nivalis Ice Pigging is used in a wide range of industries worldwide to keep industrial pipes clean and hygienic, and to increase product recovery.

Ice Pigging has been developed by the Nivalis engineering team since 2007. Ice, produced by Nivalis equipment, is able to flow like a liquid or move like a solid enabling: 1) Cleaning of pipework systems. 2) Product recovery and reduction of waste from manufacturing processes.

What are the benefits of Ice Pigging?

What are the benefits of Ice Pigging?

Ice Pigging is reliable, repeatable and allows quick and enhanced cleaning of pipes.

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    Reduce waste

    Ice Pigging helps you reduce waste across product, water and chemicals.

  • Icon efficiency

    Increase efficiency

    Much improved pipe cleanliness, and because Ice Pigging is quicker, system availability is better too.

  • Icon safety

    Safe cleaning

    Ice Pigging is carried out at low-pressure and often cleans in a single pass. Ice then goes to drain or waste and then melts!

  • Icon time

    Save time

    Because Ice Pigging is more effective, you have to clean less often. And when you do, it’s quicker.

Comparison of pipe cleaning methods

The comparative image showcases different pipe cleaning methods, with ice pigging clearly emerging as the most successful, as it effectively removes stubborn deposits and restores the pipes to a pristine condition.

Comparison of pipe cleaning methods

Nivalis Stats

  • 15

    Ice Pigging is now in use in 15 countries

  • 50

    50 years. The combined experience of Ice Pigging within the Nivalis team

  • 10,000

    Over 10,000 tonnes of ice have been produced by Nivalis Ice Pigging

For a decade, we have been supported by the engineering team at Nivalis, ever since we introduced Ice Pigging for water and wastewater pipes in Japan. This includes Ice Production Units, Delivery Units and Flow Analysis Units, custom-made for our operational environment. Their engineering and design are backed by profound knowledge of the Ice Pigging technology and their specialist support for equipment has been always prompt, dedicated and professional.

Keiji Yuki, Ice Pigging Department Manager: Toa Grout Kogyo - Japan
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Some of the businesses we support

How we work

We’ve been at the forefront of Ice Pigging technology for over a decade.

  • Reliability

    Because we’ve been involved in developing the Ice Pigging technology since the start, the our team have designed and developed many different types of Ice Pigging equipment over the years. Some of our equipment has been in operational use for over ten years. Whether it is our EHEDG designed hygienic equipment or our more robust maritime sector larger containerised systems, the Nivalis engineering team produce reliable equipment to exacting standards.

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  • Flexibility

    We work with you the way you want, whether that’s designing a complete system, providing Ice Pigging as a fully run service, or working with your existing contractors. Alternatively, you may just require one of our standard NIV500 machines. These machines are in use in factories in Europe, USA, Canada, and the Middle East. We haven't stopped learning and are open to new challenges in new and diverse sectors.

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  • Personal Service

    We tend to work with people for a long time, so we value the relationships we have with them. We are a small independent business, focused on delivering solutions and improvements for our customers. We are approachable and open in our discussions and suggestions.

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