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System suitability and assessment through to delivery and/or commissioning support

Initial feasibility assessment through to system integration

Initial feasibility assessment through to system integration

The Nivalis engineering team are able to work through a whole project life cycle from initial suitability assessment to onsite optimisation and in service support.

Ice Pigging is a unique process and as such is very well suited to a huge number of applications but is not suitable for all. As a result, the first step of any enquiry is to assess the suitability of Ice Pigging for a particular application. This begins with a desktop exercise using key process parameters such as product or debris type, line geometry, and operating conditions. The Nivalis team use their experience of performance over many years to carry out an initial sense check and suggest the scale of equipment required for an operation. If the financial benefits stack up at this stage, then for new untested applications the normal process is to carry out a trial starting, if possible, with a sample of pipe at the Nivalis technical centre before moving to full scale trials on a customer's site.

Nivalis have a range of trial equipment and have traveled world wide carrying out trials for customers. Trials are always carried out with scientific diligence with a set of key validation criteria established early in the process. This enables customers to make objective decisions on progressing with the technology as a factory installation or regular onsite service.

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