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Our Korean Partners - Beginning of Brilliance (BoB)

Although we are a small, UK-based company, we work with partners right across the globe, taking the power of Ice Pigging to multiple countries.

Our partner who helps spread the word about our innovative pipe cleaning technology in Korea is Beginning of Brilliance (BoB).

Here's a bit more detail about BoB, what they do and why we have decided to partner and work with them to champion Ice Pigging in Korea.

Our Korean Partners - Beginning of Brilliance (BoB)


Posted on: 19th May 2024

Steve, Sales Executive Director at BoB and Sean Ashton, Commercial Director at Nivalis, explain why they have joined forces to promote Ice Pigging in Korea.

What is BoB?

Steve: We work with manufacturers of laboratory and process systems, performing the role of the exclusive distributor in Korea. Our main aim is to give excellent customer service by providing the best solutions for both our suppliers and our customers.

Why have Nivalis and BoB decided to partner up?

Steve: We are always looking out for companies who can offer processes to our customers which have a focus on sustainability and energy saving. Nivalis are one of these.

Their Ice Pigging technology is innovative and effective. By using ice to clean pipework in a variety of industries, Nivalis are able to offer a cleaning solution which saves energy, saves time and saves money. This is something which will be of great interest to our customers.

It is important to us that we are considered as the leading company with technical experts in all of the fields which we work in. Nivalis's professionalism, experience and knowledge assures us that we are partnering with experts in the Ice Pigging world.

Sean: The leadership team at BoB understand the Korean market very well and are a highly respected company with many years of experience and expertise in the supply of hygienic equipment to industry. There is a clear synergy between this and the Ice Pigging equipment that Nivalis design and build.

What are you both looking forward to about working together?

Steve: We are most looking forward to a change in customer awareness of not only energy savings but also eco-friendliness. Of course, expanding our profit structure due to increased sales is fundamental too!

Sean: The Nivalis team are looking forward to collaborating and partnering with BoB and understanding more about the Korean market. Ice Pigging offers tangible benefits in terms of time saving and reducing chemicals and utilities. We believe that businesses focused on continuous improvement will recognise these benefits. We want to build long lasting relationships supporting BoB as they introduce Ice Pigging to the Korean market.

Why do you think Ice Pigging should be utilised in Korea?

Steve: Ice Pigging is a fascinating technology which enables pipe cleaning to a high standard whilst increasing productivity through CIP time reduction and energy savings.

Sean: Korea has extremely advanced manufacturing sectors, it also has a strong focus on innovation and R&D. We believe that BoB are well placed to advise their customers of the benefits of Ice Pigging whether in terms of product recovery or meeting sustainability targets. It is a very exciting partnership.

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